Aftermarket E-kit for you bike 
from Move & Go

If you already have a high-quality bike, contact us to discuss electrifying it. We offer various front, rear, and mid-drive motors for different purposes and types of bikes, from cargo bikes to folding bikes.

We have the following e-kits:


German quality

​Pendix manufactures top-quality mid-drive motors. The most reliable option.

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Danish motor kit

​Promovec's strength lies in its exceptional reliability. Many bicycle manufacturers have chosen it as the default motor for their bikes.

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All sorts of kits from Spain

​Ciclotek offers reasonably priced mid-drive, front, and rear motors, as well as various batteries.

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Mid and hub-drives

​Bafang is one of the oldest manufacturers of bicycle electrification systems. They offer strong and reliable kits.

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Strong hub drives

​Crystalyte makes very reliable motors for heavy-duty use, such as cargo and utility bikes.

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Italian distributor

​Hub motors with excellent features.

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Read drive kit from Spain

​Motors for road bikes, gravel bikes, and cyclocross bikes. Due to the need for a dedicated frame to accommodate the battery, the entire bike is built at once.

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Italialian motor kits

​Oli makes mid-drive motors. These cannot be retrofitted, but we can handle repairs for them.

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German motor manufacturer

​Durable motors for utility and cargo bikes. Why not for regular bikes too?

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